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How to Avoid the 9 Deadly Mistakes of Retirement

For over 35 years, I’ve helped clients approach retirement with a reality-based view of what retirement living really looks like. Together, I’ve helped them answer crucial questions like when, how and where to retire and produced actionable steps towards achieving their ideal retirement.

In my book, I discuss the nine deadly mistakes you can avoid when nearing retirement and provide an in-depth look at the process my clients and I take from start to finish. By removing the rose-colored glasses and facing the immense financial burden of only retiring once, together we can prepare you and your loved ones for life’s inevitable curveballs.

Only Retire Once: How to Avoid the 9 Deadly Mistakes of Retirement, incorporates my tax and legal knowledge to provide essential advice on estate and legacy planning. From moderate estates to sizable legacies, I’ve given you tips and techniques to ensure your heirs benefit from the smart decisions you’re making with the help of Only Retire Once.