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Why You Need a Wealth Advisor Even More in Uncertain Times Thumbnail

Why You Need a Wealth Advisor Even More in Uncertain Times

We are living during a period of trying, uncertain times. The current outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), has had a significant impact on the way we go about our daily lives. From how we work, to how we live, to how we relax, no aspect of our lives has gone untouched. With a global recession on the horizon and so much unknown about how we will move forward as a society, what does that mean for you? Now more than ever, you will want to turn to your wealth advisor to help you come with a plan.

1. They Keep You Informed on Current Events and Developments

 Changes can happen quickly in this time of global crisis. The government may implement policies to help provide relief for taxpayers. You may be eligible for special incentives that were not previously available. A wealth advisor can help to keep you aware of these changes, keeping you aware of your options.

2. They Can Oversee Your Personal Finances

Turbulent times will impact your personal finances. A wealth advisor can work with you to set up a plan for your family finances. This can provide you with the peace of mind your loved ones will stay protected no matter what lies ahead.

3. They'll Save You Time and Money

Allowing a wealth advisor to take the reins of your financial situation will not only save you lots of time, but also provide you with guidance as to whether your financial plan is under control.

4. They'll be Keeping an Eye on Your Wealth

Wealth management entails making regular changes to your portfolio to help reduce risk, and when you’re ready to withdraw, you can do it in such a way to help limit the taxes you’ll pay. With portfolio construction, your advisor can work with you to create a diversified portfolio, while ensuring you don’t pay too much for investments or in taxes on investment returns.

 An advisor has the ability to evaluate your portfolio investments, meet with you to discuss objectives, and help get you through tough markets. All of these factored together can add value to your net returns (returns after taxes and fees) over time.

While uncertainty can make you nervous, it does not have to be a cause for alarm. Having a wealth advisor on your side to help you navigate the unknown can help to ease your mind. Schedule a complimentary review of your portfolio with us today by clicking the button below.

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